Okay, we love you already and yeah we are definitely going to be BFFS.


BASH? BASH was founded based on the sole thought that no body should have to over pay to celebrate any occasion. If Carrie Bradshaw can live off $900 in New York, than we can make any event just as special with a budget.  .Trust us, we've been there. We have found the best of the best vendors in the DFW area (wonderful pricing too!) and can't wait to share them with you. 

BASH is an event planning firm located deep in the heart of Texas (Dallas, Texas that is). We specialize in anything  worth celebrating, whether it be he finally put a ring on it or he needs help putting a ring on it, or Granny's 89th birthday celebration- you name it, we can make it happen.  Don't you worry, your fairy god mothers (that's us, with Chucks on instead of fancy dresses) are here to make your vision become a reality. We are serious about the details but also believe life is suppose to be fun- why not celebrate while doing it?