life is better thinking outside the box.


We c r a v e the couples who stray away from traditional and run towards unconventional.

The couples who don't want just a cookie cutter wedding & would rather create something that best describes them - but most importantly, a day all about l o v e and just a damn right g o o d t i m e


our process:

Bash is an exclusive wedding planning service, which means we say yes with intention. We want to vibe with our clients, we want you to vibe with us - and make sure it's a good match. We are a little nontraditional - meaning we like to think outside the box, we don't like stuffy and we like to break the rules sometimes ;)

We love to create for the soul & not just for a paycheck, that being said we only take on a certain amount of clients a season. 


This is a tough one for us....  - but we've recently decided to no longer do "month of coordination."

We currently are only offering on full design + planning ! 

Why??? Well, from past experience we've realized that it just doesn't make sense for us.  We are IN THIS to help create a unique, personable, down right, cool fun wedding for each of our clients - and we just can't do that when we are just hired for "day of." Also there is SO much that goes into planning a wedding, and for us to just come in 31 days prior just doesn't make sense. We like to know what is going on from day one, we like to get to know our bride & groom AND we like to be fully prepared.  Now, we completely understand some client's are fully capable of planning their own wedding, we totally get that- we personally were this way as well for our own wedding - but we just feel like if you're going to book BASH, hopefully it's because you want BASH to fully be there throughout the process, just as much as we want to be there throughout the proccess with you. 


about bash:

Making memories & making things are basically what we are about... husband + wife duo, we, The Self's have slowly yet carefully curated an event + design + wood working company to serve the DFW area & beyond.  With Montgomery's experience in the construction + building industry + project management & my tenured experience in the Interior Design world, starting a business together was almost a no brainer. After planning our own wedding, going through all the meetings, budget insanity, the tears (yes, there were tears) & literally a DID IT OUR SELF wedding we feel like we just get it, and if you get us, we would love to work with you!


orders sparkling water at restaurants, always building something, spends hours in home depot & is the real life Phil Dumphy.


interior design junkie, diet coke addict, white marble everything & eats chickfila at least twice a week.