A P P L A U S E 


We hired her and never looked back. She was there for me every step of the way. She was dependable, relaxed, and brilliant. Her creativity and ability to pull things together still astounds me. She also never pushed me to do anything or made me feel silly - she listened, gave suggestions, and sought to bring our day together in the most authentic way - to tell OUR story. Her foresight and go-get-em attitude were just another in the long list of detail-oriented, client-centered service that made us love Ciara.I don’t know what I’d have done without her and I would absolutely hire her again, no questions.
— Faith (BRIDE)

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bash Co + Events! I had a vision for our day and Ciara and her team made it a reality.  She was always responsive with the best advice throughout the planning phases. She was continuously there when I would go in crazy bridal mode to assure me “she’s got this”! Her knowledge and passion for weddings was everything we needed to make our special day absolutely PERFECT. We would do it all over again just to work with Ciara and her team again!" - Meghan S (BRIDE 1 |17)


"Ciara is one of my all time favorite wedding event planners here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. In my almost 3 years of documenting weddings, I have never met anyone who is passionate about the wedding day as we are in being wedding photographers.I’ve only worked with her during one wedding and Ciara was helpful in every aspect. Every detail, setup and timeline for the events was spot on. Most planners I’ve worked with in the past will just show up and through the middle of the day will just be completely non-existent. That’s not the case with Ciara and her team. Without a doubt, her skills will be one of the best things invested " - JoJo Pangilinan (WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER | 2016 )

"Finding the right planner might be harder than finding the right partner. By some twist of fate, I found Bash during a late night Instagram sesh and knew they were my people. I'm not a "precious princess" kinda gal and was SO excited to find planners who were modern, stylish, and one-of-a-kind. From our very first meeting they got it - us/our vision. They championed, rallied, polished, executed, and made it happen. We COMPLETELY trusted them and - not even kidding - had like ZERO stress going into our day because they put out every fire (like - oh - when your dress no-shows two days before). Every time, they came through - emotionally, logistically, style-wise - whatevs. We will NEVER forget that night and it is largely due to Bash Co Events and their genuine, knock-it-out-of-the-park style. No question, we wouldn't have had the same outcome had we used anyone else. We LOVE them and would hire them again - no question or hesitation. They are THE BEST!!!!!" - Faith M (BRIDE 8 | 16 )


"Bash was everything we wanted in a wedding coordinator. After our first meeting I knew they were the people to bring my vision to life. They are trendy, fashion forward, a little edgy and extremely professional!  They were so organized and went above and beyond everything I had expected of them. On our wedding day we forgot the marriage license. I didn’t find out until days later when I was told Ciara ran to our house to get it. Bash is the calm in your storm and your grace under fire and you will be sitting pretty while they handle it all. We were truly amazed at how they were exactly where they needed to be when they needed to be there and completely unobtrusive at the same time. These people are marvelous!" - Leah Y ( BRIDE 9 | 16 )


"I just want to thank you again for all your help with pulling off the most beautiful wedding me and my husband have ever seen. You were a rockstar!" - Stephanie M. ( MOTHER OF THE BRIDE 10 | 16 )